Rich McCombs

I am a creative and energetic sales and marketing leader with proven successes in SaaS solutions, interactive marketing, eCommerce software services and web & social marketing strategies. But most importantly, what makes me most unique and valuable is the complete tool kit I bring to the table for just about any market or industry. People have told me that very few professionals have delivered on all these skills:

  • Leadership—without being asked in many roles I have noted problems in the marketing message or the selling process and I have taken it upon myself to fix the problems
  • Creative Marketing—especially at Accenture and Cameron, I created marketing processes, messages and scripts which helped reach our intended customers
  • Sales Process Design—in just about every assignment, I was able to quickly see obstacles facing business developers and design procedures for them to follow to not only reach more real prospects but to deliver effective messages
  • Team Building—in many of my assignments, I was able to grow energy and morale even for those that didn’t report to me to become motivated and successful sales professionals
  • Account Management—in every assignment where I had a direct sales role I was acknowledged for getting tough-to-get meetings, building trust early and growing account relationships. I have been tabbed both a successful hunter and an account grower.
  • Technology—I deeply understand how interactive marketing, eCommerce and all elements of digital technology may be used to more effectively capture and keep customers.